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Patented gasification technology

Patented gasification technology

Carbon negative



Sustainable, carbon negative biofuels and green chemical products from biowaste

Biomass gasification has been under development for decades. The main challenges are homogeneity of the feedstock and the syngas quality to make the syngas suitable for application in the chemical industry. These were the starting points of Torrgas for the development of the Torrgas value chain. 


A radical solution

To solve the homogeneity challenge the Torrgas founders co-developed a scalable torrefaction process from 2006-2011. The torrefaction step converts heterogeneous, low quality biowaste streams into homogeneous, high energy density solid biofuels.  By this energy densification also transport costs are significantly reduced.  The torrefied product is the feedstock for the Torrgas gasification technology. 

The Torrgas team broke with convention and took a fundamentally different approach than the rest of the industry. Rather than focusing on one step gasification of local available untreated feedstocks they developed the concept of a two step gasification process that has the following advantages:

  • No slagging
  • No tar formation
  • Possibility for minerals recycling (biochar)
  • Increased reliablity of operation
  • Scalable to industrial sizes due to application of torrefied material

Between 2012 to 2020 the team developed the gasification technology  towards TRL 8 and are continuously working on further optimalisation. Torrgas Technology BV is in the possession of trade marks, trade secrets and proprietary information  and has filed numerous patents directed to this gasification technology and is in an exclusive position to license this technology.

A radical solution

Exciting results

The technology has proven to produce high quality biochar and syngas with a very low tar content. Have we aroused your interest? Follow the links below on our pilot project en Torrgas process paper:


Exciting results

The Torrgas process converts torrefied biomass, produced from a wide variety of ligno-cellulosic feedstocks, into synthetic molecules and biochar with over 80% conversion efficiency resulting in a carbon negative solution. The produced (foodgrade) bioCO2 can be separated and applied in a wide variety of applications making the process even more carbon negative. The Torrgas process has been assessed by an independent advisory firm, using the REDII LCA methodology, as carbon negative on the whole chain from fresh biomass to final products.

The Torrgas process converts all biogenic carbon into high value products; syngas, biochar, biosteam and liquid bioCO2. Therefore the syngas costs are strongly leveraged by the co-product revenues.

The exclusive application of torrefied pellets in the Torrgas process makes the Torrgas process independent from the local available feedstock. So the syngas production location has no scaling constraints on the basis of available feedstock.  The torrefied pellets, which have a stable quality, is first gasified at a low temperature and then at a high temperature. This innovative two-stage gasification process does not produce tars and slag, as with traditional waste stream gasification. This creates the basis for feedstock flexible, scalable and low-cost production of biofuels and chemical products.

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