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Torrgas opens the world's first modular bio-syngas plant

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The demand for sustainable and affordable chemicals and fuels is rising worldwide in relation to the climate change. Torrgas provides a chain sollution for the production of green platform gas (synthesis gas) that can be applied as feedstock for multiple chemicals and fuels.

  • A ground breaking proven proprietary technology which produces syngas from multiple plant and wood based bio-wastes. 
  • The value added chain consists of torrefaction followed by the patented two-stage gasification technology.
  • Besides syngas the technology produces high quality bio-char which enables closing the mineral loop.
  • The syngas derived products (biofuels and green chemicals) are  cost/price competitive to fossil fuel-based products and multi applicable.

Changing innovation

We believe climate change and use of fossil fuels can be reduced by reimagining the production of chemical products and fuels. Our groundbreaking process is carbon negative, scalable, and can be realised virtually anywhere. Accessible and affordable green fuels and chemical products today enable a truly sustainable, clean, and perpetual energy future.

The Torrgas process has been assessed as carbon negative. Our planet has only a very few carbon negative options. This is due to a number of facts. First the efficient torrefaction process results in an enormous reduction in logistic cost due to the 6-50 times bulk energy densification of the feedstock. So the amount of energy required to transport the product from torrefaction location to gasification location is marginalized compared to untreated biomass. This reduces the wheel to wheel carbon footprint but does not create a carbon negative solution. Secondly the Torrgas gasification converts all carbon into high value products; syngas, biochar and liquid bioCO2. This means that carbon neutral biogenic carbon can be sequenced for long terms in sustainable products.

The Torrgas process converts all biogenic carbon into high value products; syngas, biochar, biosteam and bioCO2. Therefore the syngas costs are strongly leveraged by the co-product revenues.

The exclusive application of torrefied pellets in the Torrgas process makes the Torrgas process independent from the local available feedstock. So the syngas production location has no scaling constraints on the basis of available feedstock. Secondly the gasification reactors can be upscaled to at least 100MWth.

Our technology

Our technology

Game changing

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A biobased society

Lignocellulosic biomass is the most abundantly and underutilized available renewable carbon source. Many ligno-cellulosic feedstock owners have presently no use for their residues. Most of it is burnt directly on the fields, creating pollution and fine particle emissions that affect millions of people. For future generations and the continued habitability of the planet the availability and accessibility of carbon neutral resources is essential. To date, costs and conversion challenges have been the bottleneck keeping biobased synthetic molecules from mainstream adoption. Torrgas technology will solve that challenge, helping to make synthetic green fuels and chemical products.

A sustainable future

Demand for biobased fuels and chemical products is expected to grow over the coming decades as industry shifts away from fossil derived products. Due to its feedstock flexibility, scalability and efficient conversion the Torrgas value chain can effectively contribute to fullfill this demand and  create a sustainable future.


A biobased society
We are Torrgas

We are Torrgas

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